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The Den exists to create wholesome lives and communities. Our instructors provide workouts focused on training functional movement, mobility, alignment and strength. Connecting breath to movement and cheering each other on along the way. 

Our Yogalates classes are challenging yoga sculpt workouts that combine yoga & pilates. The key to their effectiveness is that each movement strengthens as well as lengthens the body's foundational muscles. One side of the body is stretching while the opposite is strengthening. This workout combines weights and yoga movements under tension for the full session in addition to the help of our reformer machine. All of this on top of our passionate mission driven instructors make for a one of a kind workout.  

Our Stretch & Recovery classes consists of dynamic warmups followed by static stretches for extended periods of time. Taking the best from modern stretching science and traditional yoga to inform the sequencing. Many classes feature equipment like blocks, straps and lacrosse balls. Every tool and movement designed to create more flexible, opened and resilient bodies and minds. 

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