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Yogalates at The Den combines vinyasa yoga, pilates and the Microformer to create a cardio infused, low impact, strength based workout that builds fitness, physique and character. Each yogalates sequence targets both the biggest muscles in the body and the often overlooked, smaller stabilizer muscles. The combination leads to improved endurance, strength and cardiovascular health alongside benefits to coordination, posture, and joint mobility. It also leads to simply feeling better than when you walked in the door: as philosophers across time have pointed out: a movement challenge in community a day keeps the bullshit away. 


Our studio personally trains each instructor in the foundations of the workout: core, leg and arm balanced sequencing, breathe to movement cueing and rhythm based transitions. All to music that makes you want to dance. Instructors have complete freedom in sequencing. Some classes are slower paced and others faster, some cardio heavy, others strength focused, some core building, others legs burning. Though all of them providing a full body workout that strengthens and lengthens foundational muscles alongside getting the heart rate up. Always in our signature Den way. 


These classes are difficult, but each can be modified to fit your fitness level. That is the beauty of the machines. Also the beauty of attentive instruction. You will be guided with modifications always, but your muscles will burn, your body will sweat and your legs will shake. Which is just where we want to be. Following our blisters, not our bliss. Don't take our word for it, though, the best way to know the benefits of these classes and this community is to experience them. So come join in on the fun by taking your first class today. Breathe in the Den, breathe out the bullshit. And pulse in 3... 2... 

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