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Teacher Trainings

Popular workouts come and go, but good instruction and honest character remain. That is the philosophy our Den trainings are founded upon. Regardless of the type of workout that brought you here, the principals that Founder Chelsey Lowe has cultivated over 15 years of instructing yoga, pilates and spin can help you grow as an instructor and person.

These principals have consistently filled studios, community events and personal training sessions for Chelsey over the past decade. Across multiple disciplines in the most competitive fitness markets on the planet.


Though it wasn't until Den partner Kona Johnson sat her down with a few questions that she realized they were there at all. From their discussions 'The Den Principles' emerged. And from those principles, The Den Trainings. 


The effectiveness of each training can be written about in different ways, but our favorite is simply to point to the growth and quality of The Den's community. Since the studio began in 2022 our community has nearly doubled every six months. The class schedule jumping from 10 per week to now 40. Our instructors from one to nine.


And the growth continues. Summer of 2024 marking the start of our outdoor community events series in support of local charities and our first attempt at building out a whole new studio space!


With such a passionate and fast growing community we are able to hire almost everyone who graduates, so you will especially find value in this training if you're looking to consistently work and earn money. Though each course is made to be of value for everyone - whether you're looking to build the career of your dreams or simply get back into a community of learners again and try something new - so whatever your motivation we encourage you to join.

Learn the principles so that you can practice them. Practice them so that you can apply them: to the Den's signature reformer yogalates and yogalates sculpt classes, to teaching your own unique movements in your own space, to life. 


Our courses come with no restrictions or stipulations about how, when and where you teach. Our only ask is that you work hard, be communicative and practice honesty. The rest will work itself out.  That's at least how we approach things at the Den. We hope in doing so we are staying true to what Wendell Berry calls the Good Work. 


If you want to join in we look forward to having you. We'll start by being students again, in community, with a shared aim. Rebellious acts in our fast paced, digital and increasingly polarized world. But that's what makes them all the more important. Plus there's free popcorn.


See you there. 

Next Up :
L1 Reformer Yogalates
August 10th & 11th
August 17th & 18th
August 24th & 25th
2 - 6 pm

Upcoming :
L1 Reformer Yogalates
November 2024

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