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Combination of alignment, holding postures, strengthening & breathwork creates the yoga aspect of the class. While the balancing machine and core focused stabilization create a pilates style.

Mobility & Recovery

Dynamic warmups followed by static stretches for extended periods of time. Taking the best from modern stretching science and traditional yoga to inform the sequencing. Many classes feature equipment like blocks, straps and lacrosse balls. Every tool and movement designed to create more flexible, opened and resilient bodies and minds. 

Yoga Sculpt

This class is a 50 minute workout designed to strengthen your yoga practice. It combines cardio, weights and mobility. The class starts and finishes with yoga, while the middle is a rhythm based yoga workout with weights and cardio.  Bring your own weights to this workout, a yoga mat, sweat towel and water.

Vinyasa Yoga

Breath to moment vinyasa flow. This class is not on our pilates machines, its an on mat yoga flow where we focus on linking our breath to the movement. Hands on adjustments for those who want to get deeper into their stretches.

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