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Growing up in Southern California I competed in all types of sports. My passion soon finding it's way to indoor & beach volleyball. Which I competed in all the way through my undergraduate years at UC Santa Barbara. Where my coach pushed me to try yoga & pilates. I argued. Thinking it would be too slow. But of course, after finally trying it, I realized it was just what I needed. The classes became an essential piece to receiving Academic, All American and Gaucho of the year honors. 

They helped me physically, but most importantly, they helped me mentally. They gave me a place to process the stressors of competitive, academic and personal life. Which at that time often felt overwhelming: my parents sudden divorce making it so I didn't have a home to go back to during breaks from my full time athletic and academic schedule. But I always loved my time competing, so much so that graduating from volleyball was something I didn't know how to transition from.


When faced with what to do next creating spaces for others to feel the same benefits I felt from yoga, spin and pilates classes was a logical next step but I fought it every step of the way. Signing up to be a teacher in grad school, a track to a 'real job'. But in the end my first yoga training felt too right not to give teaching a try. I'd do it for a year. Travel a bit, maybe do a community or event or two to network for what's next.

14 years later and I have never stopped. Not only do I now see fitness instruction done well as one of the most 'real jobs' you can have, but I couldn't imagine doing anything else. I feel so lucky to work daily with my community. Helping them to feel more flexible, resilient and joyful. On and off our mats or machines. Especially in a time where mental and physical health seems to unfortunately be in decline: our systems of healthcare and education simply not set up to offer preventive care. My mission in starting the Den is to do that in my own, humble way. For myself and for whatever community builds from the classes that I teach. I still can't believe that this community now reaches well beyond my own classes, and is organically growing into something that has a life of its own. Thank you for being a part of that. I look forward to seeing you in class. 

Experience: I have worked with sports teams from the Women's and Men’s National Volleyball teams, Chargers Football, Angels MLB, Cal State Fullerton Athletics, UC Irvine Athletics, Concordia Athletics, Long Beach State and most recently, dozens of professional surfers. Many in preparation for the 2024 Olympics. I have also taught corporate fitness and wellness classes for companies globally. Certifications: Core Power Yoga 200 hour training, Yoga Sculpt, Circuits, Spin, and Mat Pilates.

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