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Growing up on the North Shore, movement and community have been woven into my life from the start. Though I stopped competing in formal sport early on, I never have stopped competing with myself in getting outdoors and moving. Generally through surfing, running, trekking in the mountains and the odd surfboard waterpolo game. 


Activities that all began as play, but over a lifetime have slowly revealed themselves to be playful therapy. Even for a kid who can't help but compete at everything. Movement will always be a way to keep in shape and test myself, but more and more I do it to reset the mind. To gain perspective and maintain optimism and flexibility.  Especially during times of transition. 


After graduating a public school on the country side of Oahu I lived in a city to attend a much bigger public school in UC Berkeley.  My studies led me to question what sustainable food systems could look like. Which led me to a lot of traveling while working at a nonprofit with the mission to provide experiences that enhance children's appreciation for their places so that they in turn become lifelong stewards of those places. 


Towards the end of Covid I found my own place had been calling. Asking me to explore. I found myself rallying my community around outdoor fitness challenges. And haven't looked back since. Getting people into their places through movement is the mission. In the Den I found a place to do that. A joyful culture that pushed hard and  accepted you as you came. All led by the welcoming and masterful Chelsea Lowe. Now as Co-owner I'm grateful to be helping through providing my own recovery classes on top of amplifying Chelsey's uniquely effective workout classes through facilitating teacher train gins and helping to manage the space.

I am trained in Vippassana meditation from SN Goenka, stress management, and recovery coaching from Precision Nutrition as well as assisted stretching from the Stretching institute .Though the most important lessons have come from pushing myself in the ocean and in the trails. Looking forward to moving or recovering together  soon. 

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